United Hearts Haiti is a Christian based organization that has been ministering in Montrouis, Haiti, since 2011.  Our mission is to assist existing Haitian run orphanages and Haitian families improve their standard of living by developing Sponsorship Programs to assist in providing proper childcare, food, medical care, clean water and an education for the children in their care. We offer a Food Delivery Program which provides supplementary food boxes to the orphanages, and a Family Sponsorship Program which provides assistance to families with one parent absent or unable to work so as to encourage these parents to keep their children, rather than abandon them to an orphanage. We also offer a Tools for the Trade program which assists these parents, and older children leaving the orphanage, in using their skills and abilities or learn a new skill and provide the tools to earn a living so as not to become dependent on our assistance.


Darlene Schmeckpeper came across her first orphanage in June of 2010 just months after the January 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. She had been working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Port au Prince to help with the relief effort. While there and she visited the area of Montrouis to see more of Haiti. They stopped at a little orphanage to deliver some supplies. The Lord removed a piece of her heart and planted it in Montrouis that day. Upon returning to the US, she began working with full-time missionary Sam Streu, to send financial assistance to the orphanage for immediate needs, and eight months later, in 2011, she returned herself. Since then Darlene has been traveling to Montrouis, Haiti, 5 times a year. She developed a sponsorship program to bring in financial assistance and has helped in the development of the living environment. Three times a year she takes teams to minister and do work projects as needed.


During that time we had been working in partnership with missionary, Sam Streu, who had been living and ministering in Haiti for over 35 years. He had been ministering to two other orphanages in the neighboring towns of Pierre Payen and Piarte as well. Sam retired in May 2015, so we have taken over some of his ministry work with these other orphanages. We have developed a sponsorship program to assist one of these orphanages and we have taken on his food delivery program. We are delivering food boxes every month to both orphanages.


Education is a privilege in Haiti. To send your child to school in Haiti you need to pay registration, tuition, and curriculum, as well as purchase a uniform and school supplies. Many children are not able to attend school because of the cost. We have developed an Educate A Child Sponsorship Program to assist the orphanages and families with these costs.

We welcome your prayers, donations and financial support as you partner with us to help not only keep these children fed and cared for, but educated as well. We choose to train up the next generation of Haitians that will help change their country for the better.