End of Year Contribution Needs

Dear Friends,

As I reflect this time of year on United Hearts’ blessings, I count you and your support as one of the greatest blessings. Thank you for believing in our vision to assist the Haitian people improve the lives of the children in their care.

I am honored that you have entrusted me with donations through United Hearts to impact lives in and around our little town of Montrouis, Haiti. I want you to know that your faithful partnership is making an impact. I am very grateful to serve as a conduit of your love to the children and families we are assisting at this time.

With your faithful partnership, the fruits of United Hearts’ commitment to Haitian children and families increases dramatically every year. It’s because of our partners we are able to help over 20 families with food every month, some with job training or tools for their trade. We helped the Jean Philip family start a bakery! Because of our partners we are able to assist three orphanages with food, medical care and schooling. We even provided new mattresses, pillows and bedding for 50 orphans. This past year we rented a house in Haiti to use as our base of operations. It has been a huge blessing to host our teams there. We hope in the near future to make our house a base for various education programs for the adults in our community. This will be life changing for many who have never learned to read or write.

As I look toward 2018, on top of our usual needs, I see some special needs coming up. This coming year I will need to give serious consideration to possibly making some immediate changes. Please allow me to tell you of some of our challenges. I can’t do any of it without you.

Many of you have been so generous in helping us purchase and repair our shuttle bus. At this time it is sitting in San Pedro filled with donations waiting to be shipped. We have not been able to raise the funds needed to ship the shuttle bus to Haiti. I trust that in God’s time the funds will come in and it will get shipped.

Additionally, with the unexpected passing of my friend, mentor and supporter Sam Streu, I find myself struggling to meet many month-to-month obligations. Sam was a very generous partner in many aspects of the ministry. Gathering money for food boxes and the ministry’s in-country expenses has become an ongoing challenge. United Hearts is still doing all we have been doing but the monthly expenses have become even more of a faith walk.

Then there is one need that has me a bit overwhelmed. The need is simple. I need to pay $12,000 to continue to occupy the home in Haiti that has become our secure base of operations for United Hearts. That money will cover three years of rent and is due in full February 1st. If I pay it, we have the security of a place to call home for the next few years. If it is not paid, I will have to consider how I may need to scale back my time and commitment to our children and families. Perhaps it will be God calling me to take a step back and sadly let a few commitments come to an end.

We need your help! Unless God’s provision is made clear through your response, ministry will need to be scaled back.  I really covet your prayers for more faith and confidence.

I would like to invite you to make a special year end gift. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us continue to provide monthly food, ship the shuttle bus, and to continue to use the ministry house as a base of operations in Haiti.

You have been so faithful in supporting the work we are doing in Haiti. I hate to ask more of you. But God is telling me I must ask. I am praying He raises up some champions from among you to help cover this expense.

I hope you will consider making a generous contribution of $50, $100, $500 or any amount by December 31st.

Perhaps you wish to honor or remember a loved one with a gift, as we remember the generosity of this holiday season. 

Would you be able to respond? Can we depend on you today to help United Hearts fulfill its mission to children and families in Haiti? Would you please pray about how you can help?

Please know I love and appreciate your heart for the ministry and work that is done through United Hearts. Your faithful support is my daily encouragement.

Thank you for your gifts of time, prayer and financial support throughout the years.

With gratitude,

Darlene Schmeckpeper

P.S. Be sure to make your tax-deductible contribution by December 31st.


Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your family. Thank you again for your partnership!