Kerry Thelemaque

Birthdate: August 6, 2013

CHILDCARE Not Sponsored / EDUCATION Not Sponsored:

Kerry is 9 yrs old and is living with his brother, Westerson, at Fondasyonal Kay Ti Moun yo. The photo below is when they first arrived at the orphanage.

Kerry age 5 & Westerson age 8

Their father is in the Dominican Republic but hasn’t been heard from and is not assisting with any of the children’s care.  Kerry’s mother does in-home care and lives at her place of work. She is not allowed to have her children live with her at the place where she works, so she has placed him and his brother in Mackencia’s care, at Fondasyonal Kay Ti Moun yo, in hopes for a better life for them.

Our hope for Kerry is that he will someday be reunited with his family. We will be working toward that goal by assisting his mother in learning a trade that will give her the ability to bring income into the home without living at her place of work. Sponsorship for Kerry will be transferred to a family sponsorship if needed once he is back with his family.

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