The 2017 Haiti adventures begin! Jan-Feb

Home on Catalina Island
I’m back home on Catalina Island now. I almost made it home without incident, almost! Now, I have been hiking all over the Montrouis area in Haiti, hiking up washed out ravines, following cactus lined goat trails, climbing up the sides of mountains, not once did I fall. I am hurrying to catch the boat pulling a suitcase along a flat cement sidewalk and I trip and fall landing on my left hand! There happened to be a slight rise in the cement of about 1/2″ but it was enough to trip me up. My left hand was severely sore and swollen but I made it on the boat! We iced it on the boat and I went to the medical clinic as soon as we got off the boat. I had an x-ray done on my wrist and hand. No breaks that the doctor could see, just very sore. (Yay! My record for no broken bones still stands!) I now have a brace on it and need to keep it elevated. It already is feeling much better. My body is achy from the fall, but nothing debilitating. Well, it gives me an excuse to sit around for a few days and recover. Thank you to all who were praying for me.
Day 40
Sorry I haven’t been able to post yesterday. My power was minimal and internet impossible! Home sweet Haiti home! We’re in Fort Lauderdale, FL now on a layover until we fly to LAX tonight.
Yesterday I was able to organize and get my house more in order while Scott did a few projects around the house. One of our projects was to put screening in an archway over the patio door. I had to sew the screening around a piece of PVC pipe. All of this in between visits from friends and ministry needs. My last day in Haiti is always full with last minute needs and conversations. Add that to trying to get organized and packed to leave. It was crazy! But what a blessing to have my friends come to visit! Titi and Solanje stopped over for a bit. Richard and Beverly Felmey came over to see our new place, then Joel Museau’s family came over and Jean Samul Fedelus’ family came to visit too!  I am so blessed to have such precious relationships here! I look forward to having them all over again when I return in May.
17021899_10154996561834120_7192414250367982747_n Pastor Joel was so excited! Scott had brought him a projector for his church to show the Jesus movie to crowds and share the gospel. Now we just need a small silent generator to power it, $600usd to buy it in Haiti.
17021755_10154996561829120_2535153569271399770_n My horrible sewing job. That screening is slippery!
17021405_10154996561894120_4770822050939124005_n 16938624_10154996561889120_5904643246658708336_n
I gave Pastor Joel and Pastor Sammy solar powered Creole audio Bibles and Gospels of John in Creole for their ministries.
16997886_10154996561954120_7060544906470496125_n My table can seat 8 comfortably.
Our last meal, ramen noodle soup with peas and Vienna sausages in it. Oh yum.
Day 39
Today is the Lord’s day. A day of worship and rest. We went to Pastor Joel’s church, my Haitian church. Pastor Joel asked Scott to preach. Then Sister Joel, Rosemene, invited us to have lunch with their family. It was a very relaxed enjoyable visit, good food, good fellowship. It was a joy to sit afterwards talking with them and listening to their children laughing, joking, and just being children. It felt like family.
Our time at the guesthouse was finished so we packed up everything and moved into our house. We don’t have a generator to power our house or pump water into the tank on the roof. But we have solar lighting and buckets of water drawn from the well.
Once we arrived we discovered that the house leaks. After it rained last night there were some big puddles in the kitchen and in the bedroom next to it. It is somehow coming in from the area of the door to the roof. We did a lot of mopping up and Pastor Joel shoveled some sand away from the door on the roof to try to get the rain not to puddle there. We’ll see how well it works.
I got into the nesting mood and started settling in while Scott started putting things together like my cook stove and our solar lighting. I bought this nifty inverter unit that will power two lights and charge our phones so he rigged it so we have light in the living room and the hallway. I have a lantern for the bedroom and two battery operated fans. Pastor Joel hauled buckets of water to both bathrooms so we can bathe and flush toilets. We may be roughing it by American standards, but it’s still luxurious by Haitian standards. Home sweet home!
16997853_10154990752084120_6839729800055508805_n 16999031_10154990752064120_7959281131534352162_n 16999038_10154990752224120_3540003063685441831_n 17021952_10154990752129120_6923002814616284516_n 17022095_10154990752249120_8833997162930054622_n 17022371_10154990752164120_2561902330850349675_n
Day 38
Today we went to my house and packed up bags of food to take to our sponsored families. While we were there I ate my first mango from the mango tree in my yard. We loaded up the food and went from family to family delivering food and their sponsorship funds. Scott was blessed to see a few people he remembered from previous times like Fladens. He used to ride on Scott’s shoulders when he was younger, now he’s as tall as Scott!
We went to visit Remy and Cristela, baby Chadnaica‘s family. We had delivered bakery supplies and a wheelbarrow to them last week. When we got there they had just finished baking their first batch of bread! They blessed us with some of their first fruits. Yum! They are in need of new baking sheets and some help. We gave them funds to hire three men for the next three days to get them through Carnival. Carnival is a good time to sell fresh bread so we are praying they will find good workers to hire so they can bake and sell a lot of bread for Carnival.
On our hikes we met a few new people who are in need. One is a young lady who left her job and everything to come live here near her boyfriend. Now she is pregnant but the boyfriend is not taking responsibility. She is stranded. Pastor Joel’s church is ministering to her spiritual needs. I would like to minister to her physical needs by getting her a sponsorship to help her through this difficult time.
We also visited a mother of three who’s husband is in jail. She had a stroke 5 years ago and a baby 5 months ago. She is in desperate need. We hope to get her a sponsorship too. Please pray with us for these people who so desperately need Jesus to show up in tangible ways right now.
16865179_10154986697004120_9008022756802912664_n 16864180_10154986697159120_3596852758007753718_n16939547_10154986697244120_4543300723895954593_n16806830_10154986697354120_1302240866908704693_n16865206_10154986697579120_5966048577770129375_n  We tried to encourage Rosemyrtho and let her know that Jesus has not forsaken her. He will provide all her needs.
Julien Fonia’s family, Mikenson 13, Jasmine 8, Julian and baby Adonis 5mos.
Day 37
Harbor Trinity Church group had to go home today. But before they left they helped me pack up all the wedding dresses and suits into 6 suitcases to send to Les Cayes. We had one more bride-to-be come pick out a dress. Jimmy’s fiancé, Kairine, chose a beautiful dress that fits her petite body so well.
We loaded up the truck with 10 suitcases, 4 carry ons, and 9 people, then headed for the Port au Prince airport. The drive went well and we had them there early!
After saying our good byes we drove into the heart of Port au Prince to deliver the wedding clothes to Pastor Sony who was waiting for us at the bus station. While they unloaded all six suitcases, I labeled them United Hearts with a sharpie so he would know which to take when he got to Les Cayes. Carnival is happening this weekend so traffic in Port was horrible. We had to take a different route to get there and it took us through some nasty areas of town. We even went by the iron market again. It took us all afternoon to get out of Port. We didn’t get back to Montrouis until 7pm! It’s been a long day.
16831021_10154984227229120_8701735011784554008_n 16939423_10154984227204120_1161826903240316569_n 16939269_10154984227044120_1630532384103681248_n 16996082_10154984226999120_960370102414077147_n 16938808_10154984227329120_343357697632489570_n
16864593_10154984227569120_7279494977103873159_n16938835_10154984227679120_983002509517920643_n16996051_10154984227719120_5004783512879732124_n16649492_10154984227864120_2635114088641723374_n 16997719_10154984228004120_6853014608236880746_n16864142_10154984228324120_4516007683856806491_n16865125_10154984228034120_2746530768430146506_n16938807_10154984228104120_7582912734207130615_n16996392_10154984227739120_8666194422227497667_n 16938948_10154984228489120_6452393240898049575_n16939689_10154984228559120_4492173816473913776_n16996216_10154984228609120_173850925339049563_n
Day 36
This has been a great week! The Harbor Trinity Church team has been such a blessing! They’re the fastest painting group I’ve seen yet! They have their system down. Today they wanted to bless me by painting the kitchen in the house I just rented. We had enough white and sky blue to paint my whole kitchen and ceiling! It looks so pretty!! While they painted I set up all the wedding dresses on my porch, and suits and accessories in the room next to it. It looked like a bridal shop Haitian style!
We decided to bless a few of the local ladies and men that were planning on getting married within the next few months. So we had the ladies come over and choose the dress they liked and fit. The men chose suits. We had one father of the bride along so he chose his suit and a bride chose an evening gown for her mother and God mother. We have one more lady tomorrow morning to choose a dress then we will pack it all up and take the rest to Port to meet Pastor Sony so he can take them to Les Cayes. Pastor Sony’s church is going to hold a multi-wedding. They will marry 20 couples all at the same time. Then they will have refreshments for the guests. This helps those who can not afford a wedding. It’s nice to supply some dresses and suits for this important event.
After the team finished painting Pastor Joel took them to the snack shop to get food and cool off in the air conditioning while I started to set up my house a little.
The team returned and went for a swim in the Caribbean, but it was rough seas! They went in anyway and enjoyed the nice warm water.
When they returned the vendors were here to sell some typical Haitian artwork. The team enjoyed “shopping” and got some nice things. We got back to the guesthouse in time to enjoy their last delicious Creole dinner. Tomorrow morning the team will pack it up and we will drive to the Port au Prince airport to send them back home.
IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 (1) IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4383 IMG_4386 IMG_4389 IMG_4391 IMG_4402 IMG_4404 IMG_4407 IMG_4409 IMG_4395 IMG_4400 IMG_4415 IMG_4417 IMG_4420 IMG_4428 IMG_4385
Day 35
This was a blessed, busy, fun filled day! We got up a little earlier so we could hike up to the prayer church on the mountain top. We talked with Madam Pastor a bit and prayed over her and the church. Then we prayed over the ladies that were there. Then we stood out on the mountain top and prayed over the city of Montrouis, over the people of Haiti and over the Nation of Haiti. It was a very blessed time.
After we hiked back down we went back to the guesthouse and changed into paint clothes. Then we loaded the pillows, sheets and the team into the truck and headed for Pierre Payen orphanage to finish the work we started. This team jumped right back into painting as soon as we got to the orphanage. We split them up, half went to start painting the pink for the girls room (pink team) and the other half started painting the white primer for the boys room (blue team). The boys room held the paint better than the girls room so they only needed one coat of the white. We took a coffee break to let it dry. Madam Frito had coffee, bread, bananas, and peanut butter ready for us. After our break the white primer was dry so the blue team started in on painting the blue. We went for sky blue rather than the bright blue because we didn’t want the room to be dark. The girls pink room was toned down, but it was still very bright pink!
While the team was painting like crazy, Scott and Pastor Joel installed some outdoor solar lighting I had purchased for the orphanage. They put up three nice big LED solar lights one by the children’s dorms, one in front of the church doors, and one over the cooking area where they tend to gather most. They also installed a smaller one over the area near the bathrooms.
Because the blue team didn’t have a ceiling to paint, the two teams finished about the same time. We swept and mopped the girls room and started moving in the beds. Then we put new mattresses on them, letting the girls choose which mattresses they wanted. Then came the pillows and sheets, we let them choose the ones they wanted. They were so excited to make their beds up it was complete chaos! There were so many in their room at one time we could hardly move around in there. We finally got the beds made and I took pictures of them in their new bedroom.
Then it was the boys turn! The walls were dry so they moved in the beds and started moving in mattresses, pillows and sheets too. There are a lot more boys and the room was so crowded we just let them make their owns beds. What a joy it was to see the excitement and joy they all had with their new bedding in their newly painted room. When everyone was finished the children moved in their belongings. My next project is shelving in each room for their belongings.
After they were moved in the team just hung out with the children for awhile and played with them. Harbor Trinity Church rocks!
IMG_4213 IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4218 IMG_4225 IMG_4227 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_4231 IMG_4235 IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4251 IMG_4257 IMG_4264 IMG_4267 IMG_4273 IMG_4278 IMG_4280 IMG_4288 IMG_4290 IMG_4296 IMG_4298 IMG_4300 IMG_4303 IMG_4306 IMG_4315 IMG_4326 IMG_4348 IMG_4336 IMG_4338 IMG_4367 IMG_4355 IMG_4358 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4364
Day 34
Wow! I’m tired tonight! We walked the Montrouis market this morning and then went to the Pierre Payen orphanage to paint this afternoon. The team was so excited to get painting that they jumped right in as soon as we got there! The girls’ room was emptied and ready for us. They had most everything out of the room. With 5 team members and twice as many older children all in one room it was chaotic fun! They managed to get the white base coat on but it needed to dry before they second coated it. They took the opportunity to take a break and play with the children. Madam Frito had a lunch prepared for us before we could play. Truman taught them Rock, Paper, Scissors and the children taught them a Haitian version of tic tac toe. Lots of fun and giggles went around.
When we thought the paint was dry enough they did the second coat. It is going to take a lot of paint to get these rooms done so Pastor Joel and Scott went to St Marc and bought double the paint. The walls have never been painted and the cement is sucking it up. Tomorrow we will work all day. We hope to finish up the girls’ room and do the boys room too. Pray we get them both done. We really want to bless the children with newly painted rooms.
On our way back to the guest house we picked up the pillows I had Madam Hubert sew for us. They are just right and so cute! I’m so looking forward to setting up these rooms!
Day 33
We took the team to Fond Grand Matin to see our school lunch program. They were able to help serve the food to the children. After they ate, the children sang a song for the team. They sang “This is the Day” in Creole. So the team sang “This is the Day” back to them in English. The children liked that. Then we went to see the classrooms and Leigh, being a teacher, was very interested in what they were teaching and how they were teaching. She enjoyed discussing how they taught division, versus how the US teaches division. The results are the same in the end. The children were thirsty and they had no water for them so we purchased the little bag waters for them and the team passed out water to each child also.
Then we went to St Marc and spent the day shopping. We went to buy paint so we can paint the inside of the Pierre Payen orphanage dorms for the girls and the boys. We got all the paint, rollers brushes, trays, everything except extension poles to attach to the rollers. We are improvising with broom handles.
 IMG_4075 IMG_4077


The team was amazed at how long it took to buy something here. We took the father of one of our sponsor families along to purchase supplies to get him kickstarted on his bakery again. We found the wheelbarrow at our first stop! We had been searching for just the right one for a long time! The team loved watching the process of purchasing all the supplies and they were able to help deliver them to his house and see where he will be baking. They are really loving this experience so far! Tomorrow is walk the market day and painting at the orphanage.     
Day 31
As I said in the beginning of this trip in Haiti, it has been like a roller coaster of emotions. Today was full of highs, lows and fast curves. I had a plan last night, but it went out the window this morning. I have this saying I use, mostly in Haiti, “I’m flying by the seat of the Holy Spirit!” Well the Holy Spirit was flying fast and crazy today!
Pastor Joel received a call from the director of another ministry this morning who is also helping the Piatre orphanage. We discovered that the pastor of this orphanage has not been honest with either of us. So we set up a meeting for 3:30 in the afternoon to discuss it more in detail.
I was supposed to go look at some bunkbeds for sale this morning but the person who was supposed to meet me never showed up. I was excited at the possibility of getting beds for the Pierre Payen orphanage, and was disappointed when he didn’t show.
Then I had planned to move myself completely over to my house and have someone come in and help me get my house in order. Those plans went out the window! I was so looking forward to setting up house. Instead we ended up going to St Marc to the bank before it closed and then I shopped for some necessary things for the house, like a little stove and propane tank. But it took us so long I couldn’t do anything at the house.
We had scheduled to take the mattresses to Pierre Payen orphanage at 2 pm, but it took so long in St Marc we didn’t even eat lunch until 2:30. Then we loaded up the mattresses and went to our meeting at 3:30 and talked for over an hour.
The meeting was very enlightening. It turns out that we have both been giving the pastor the same amount of food and helping with the same funding. Not knowing that each other was helping.
We are putting this to prayer and will be talking again soon. There is more to this than I can elaborate on right now. There are other issues we need to consider also when making our decision if we are to help him anymore or not. This is very frustrating and disappointing. Please be praying for us to hear clearly from the Lord.
After the meeting we quickly drove the mattresses to the orphanage and stayed briefly to set up when the team is coming and what we are going to do. I felt so rushed! I haven’t had any good time to sit and visit.
Pastor Joel and his wife had a meeting to go to at 5:30, but we ran a little late and Pastor Joel didn’t have time to take me home. So I stayed at his house with his children while they went to the meeting. It was fun hanging with them. They are all bright well behaved teenagers. They speak English, but insisted I speak Creole. It was good practice for me! They were patient with me when I couldn’t figure out what they were saying and we laughed when I used the wrong words to respond. It’s a blessing to be allowed into their world and see life from their perspective.
I finally got back to Feed My Sheep after 7pm. I wanted to sleep in my house tonight, but that’s not going to happen because I didn’t get it set up. That was disappointing. But joy comes in the morning! I have a team of 6 people, including my husband arriving at 9am tomorrow morning to join me in ministering here in Haiti! As you can see my day was up, down and all around today. Please pray for safe travels for the team tonight and in the morning and pray for us as we travel to get them.
Day 30
Well, my plans were thrown off by a disturbing turn of events today.
I had planned on sleeping at my house tonight, but when we went over there to clean it yesterday, I discovered there are rats coming into the house. So we had a mason come over this morning and seal up the gap in the roof entrance with cement. It took the better part of the day. I hope to sleep in the house tomorrow night.
I mentioned yesterday how we delivered the mattresses to the Piatre orphanage and took out the old ones to clean up and distribute to families who had nothing. We had asked the pastor in advance to do this, and we called and told him while we were there doing it, both times he said yes we could do this. He obviously changed his mind over night because he got very upset that we took the old mattresses away. He sent Pastor Joel a text saying we stole them from him and said some not very nice things. He was not happy with the mattresses we delivered either. So we prayed about what to do about this. I felt we needed to bless those who curse us. So we not only returned the old mattresses, leaving the new ones, but delivered $180 worth of food to them. There was some disturbing spiritual goings on when we arrived with the mattresses that has me concerned. I am praying about what to do. Please pray with me on this.
Our big blessing of the day was going over to Pierre Payen orphanage and sharing the blessing of this ministry with my friends Carol Irving Jaeger, Giff Jaeger, Terri Krehbiel and Dan Krehbiel who are here ministering with Feed My Sheep. They brought drumsticks, pillowcase dresses and wooden toy cars to share with the children. Then they played dot to dot with the children while I talked with Pastor Frito about bringing in new mattresses tomorrow. We also talked about bringing my team over to paint the dorm rooms and set up all the beds with new sheets and pillows. We gave my friends a tour of the orphanage and shared some of the challenges we are facing here. It was a nice visit. They got the bonus of experiencing a funeral march as we were leaving. There was a large processional coming the opposite direction when we were driving out so we had to stop and wait for it to pass us. It was a good cultural experience for them.
Carol drumsticksCarol dressesCarol cars
Day 29
Moving day! Today we moved the rest of my stuff from the container into the house. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies again, only no chairs on top of this load.
My mango tree is so loaded with mangos that the branches touch the ground. John has to hold them back for Pastor Joel to back into the driveway.
My cabinet is the first piece of furniture I owned in Haiti. Pastor Joel made it for me to store all the ministry stuff in when I stayed at Feed My Sheep. It will still hold a lot of ministry items like crafts, team needs, etc. I’m not sure I want it in the living room or my bedroom. I don’t have a lot of furniture so for now it’s in the living room.
Right after we unloaded everything, we went back to the container to load up mattresses for the Piatre orphanage. We loaded 29 mattresses onto the truck and drove up the rugged mountain road to the orphanage. Old mattresses were removed from the beds and new mattresses were unloaded and put on the new beds. The girls picked all the bright flowers and prints, the boys chose the blue plaids. The children were very happy to have new mattresses. When the team comes we will be putting on sheets and new pillows for every bed. They are short 9 beds and I was told of a place selling some used ones from an orphanage that was closed down. I will be checking to see if they have any left. But where to put them? The rooms are pretty full already.
After lunch Pastor Joel Museau and John our helper went to go get water and deliver to Marie Nicole again, while I walked with Chantale Ambroise to the house. I didn’t get a picture, but I was carrying a broom and mop on my shoulder along the little trail through the banana plantations. It must have looked pretty funny because we kept getting strange looks.
We met Ti Fanm, Feed My Sheep’s laundry lady, at the house and I had the two ladies help me start to clean the house. It was dusty and needed cleaning before I get the house set up. We worked for one and a half hours cleaning floors, walls and windows. I focused on the kitchen and the stairs to the roof. The kitchen and stairs are not finished yet. The kitchen just needs painting but the stairs are still raw cement and were filthy. A lot of cement dust was swept up! The dust in the air made me into a dusty dirty mess. I needed to stop at 4:30 because I was invited to dinner at my friend Bettie’s at 5pm. I saw the clock at 4:38 and realized I was not going to make it back to Feed My Sheep to change and clean up in time. So I took a shower in my new house and dusted off my clothing so I wasn’t a total wreck! When Pastor Joel came to pick me up to drive me to Bettie’s he saw that my hair was washed and I was clean. He asked me did I take a shower? I said yes, he said did you have soap? I said dish soap! He laughed and said I am really a Haitian now! My dinner and visit with Bettie was wonderful! I enjoy her company and her stories. Tomorrow we deliver food to Piatre and mattresses to Pierre Payen.
Day 28
Well today was an exciting day! This morning Pastor Joel and I met with the landlord of the house I have been trying to rent. He had everything ready for my inspection. They had filled the tank on the roof so I could see that the plumbing worked. They replaced one toilet. Everything was in order. I had the rental agreement all ready to sign in French and in English. So we signed the agreement, I paid my rent for the year and he handed me the keys to my house! I am so excited!!
I can see so much potential for this house! The first thing I put in my new house was a gift from my dear friend Carol Jaeger, two wall plaques with the United Hearts Haiti logo on them!
After we rented the house we went to buy extra food for Pierre Payen orphanage and delivered it along with Manna pack boxes of food to them. I quickly took a look at their bed situation and asked Madam Pastor about the sleeping arrangement. Pastor Joel was unloading food so I was relying on my basic Creole to ask her how many beds they had and how many they needed. I was asking how many beds for boys and how many beds for girls? Madam Pastor was saying for all of them. I was confused because I saw at least 15 beds. After asking “konbyen chabon ou bezwen” several times and getting the same answer “pou tout timoun” I finally asked “chabon pou domi?” beds for sleeping? Madam started laughing and said “Oh! Ou bezwen konnay konbyen kabonn!” I realized then I was saying “charcoal, chabon” when I was trying to say “bed, kabonn” in Creole! LOL! No wonder she was wondering why I needed to know how much charcoal for the boys and how much for the girls she needed! We had a good laugh together! They need two “kabonn/beds” for each by the way…
It was a quick visit because as we were delivering the food, Pastor Joel got a call that the rest of the mattresses were arriving in Montrouis shortly. So we rushed back to Montrouis in time for Joel to pick up the rest of what we needed, 19 mattresses, plus 13 more for another orphanage that Feed My Sheep is helping. So we have all our mattresses! They are not big mattresses like you would expect for a twin bed, because our beds are made 29″ wide to be able to fit more into a room. So we have to have mattresses to fit them, and the only ones that fit are foam mattresses 3″-4″ thick. But if you saw what they are sleeping on now, these will be an improvement! We stashed them in the container until we can get them delivered.
Then we started moving my belongings into my house!
We moved my first pieces of furniture in, Richard and Bev Felmey gave me their old dining table and benches. It’s like moving in a little piece of home. I’ve had many a meal at this table with them and my teams. A lot of memories go with this table set, so it is very special for me to have it in my new home.
We also hauled all the beds I recently purchased for a good deal in St Marc along with Sam’s old chair.
IMG_3962IMG_3961IMG_3960IMG_3958 My first guests, Carol Jaeger, and Terri Krehbiel
We have another load of all the things I had in my cabinet and my cabinet yet to bring to the house.
I’m not sleeping there yet, although I hope to do so soon. I need to set up for a security guard and I need a small gas burner for cooking.
Everyone insists I need electricity. I don’t see how I can afford a generator right now, about $1500 for a small one, and I know I can’t afford a solar system. The most basic system will cost me $2000. So I have a few solar powered lights and a little system to plug in my phone and computer. I should be good for a bit. I’ll just use a bucket to draw water from the well once the tank on top is empty. I camped enough times I can do this!
Tomorrow we will hopefully deliver mattresses to the Piatre orphanage.
Day 27
Today Pastor Joel took me up to the container to get somethings out for my use and I was able to get a good look at the mattresses. I’m very happy with them! We are getting the rest of them tomorrow! We need 19 more and every child will have anew mattress to sleep on. We’re short 9 beds in the Piatre orphanage, but at least the children will have a soft mattress on the floor to sleep on until we can buy more beds. We don’t have much room for them but if the Lord provides the opportunity to get some, we’ll make them fit!
When we got back to Feed My Sheep I was determined to try to clean our windshield off. It has this residue from some windshield wipers that really messed up our windshield. I have tried window cleaner, vinegar, acetone, ajax, grill steel wool with soap, WD 40, and straight steel wool. NOTHING will remove it! Short of replacing the whole windshield, I have tried everything. Urg!! I spent a good two hours trying to get the stuff off. I finally gave up.
After lunch we picked up one of our sponsor family’s children and took her to Sister Joel to tutor her and traded her for Tabitha Museau Pastor Joel’s daughter and my secretary. she had an injury to her finger that is just not responding to treatment. We needed to take her to Arcahaie to have it massaged and treated with a poultice. So while we were there we visited some families in need that Roosevelt told us about. We met with them to see their need and to se if we can get sponsors for them. One is a family of 4, Isane Erne is widowed and has three children. They are living in a mud and stone hut. Isane is trying to keep her children in school but owes the rest of their tuition. They have no income and live day to day.
The other is a young 12 year old girl, Wideline. She is living with an aunt who has taken her into her home to care for her. Wideline had no one after her father died and her mother was sent to prison. Her aunt already has two children of her own to care for and fortunately they have a father in the home. I would like to get a sponsor for the girl to at least get her through school.
I had some audio Bibles that were donated to the ministry so I gave each family one so they can hear the word of God even if they can not read.
On our way back from Arcahaie, Pastor Joel got a call from the cousin with the house for rent. They would like to show me the progress and discuss the agreement again. I had received in an email the signed and notarized paper giving the cousin authority to sign the lease agreement. So we went over and talked it all through. They still have a toilet to install that is being replaced. We went through the lease agreement and everything was ok as we had agreed. Only one thing, we need to change one word, brother to cousin in the first sentence stating “the cousin of the owner”
So we agreed to meet tomorrow morning at 8:30am to sign the corrected agreement, pay the rent and get the keys. He agreed to have water in the tank on the roof to show that all the plumbing works and the toilet installed or at least the man there working on it to install it. Hopefully that will be it and I will have a house rented!
Day 26
Today ended up being a slow day, but productive none the less. I had planned to go to Pierre Payen orphanage to check out their bed situation and talk with Pastor Frito. But Pastor Joel had made arrangements with the mattress man to meet him to get more mattresses. He had to wait for the man to call him when he arrived in Montrouis from Port. Pastor Joel didn’t want to go all the way to Pierre Payen because they don’t have signal there for his phone.
So we hung around Feed My Sheep most all day.
I did convince him to go meet with a lady who sews to ask her if she would make us some pillows for the children. I asked her if she could make 56 pillows! I wanted some for the pastors and their wives also. She said she could do it! I asked her if she could get it done by next week and she said she will try. We gave her a deposit so she could buy the materials and went back to Feed My Sheep. Pastor Joel was getting bored so I pulled out some pieces of vinyl that Feed My Sheep had on hand, to see if we could use it to cover some of the mattresses for the bedwetters. They had the corners sewn so we cut them open to lay them flat. We measured and calculated, but we didn’t have enough to do anything with. We decided to save it for benches or something else. But he was a good sport and had no problem sitting there helping me cut each corner open with a scissors.
After lunch we discussed different needs and how we can help. Finally the mattress man called! Pastor Joel left to go get the mattresses while I stayed home. If I go with him the price of the mattresses will go up. So while I was waiting I fell asleep! I had a good nap while he went and got 28 more mattresses! Our container is getting full of supplies. We now have 31 mattresses! We need 19 more and we will have a new mattress for every orphan in both of the orphanages. We will be delivering 29 of them to the Piatre orphanage this week.
Feed My Sheep had returned from Port where they had picked up their California team. It was so good to see some of my friends and to meet everyone.
Day 25
This is the day the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
How has your day in the Lord been today? Mine was wonderful! Pastor Joel Museau picked me up for church this morning and church was rocking’ today! These people are so in love with Jesus that the Holy Spirit just jumps right in the middle of us and rocks our world! I tried to go live on my personal Facebook page for a while to give you a taste of what it was like. Watch it then add the Holy Spirit’s power into the mix and you will experience a little of what I experienced today. A little piece of heaven came down and touched us.
After church Richard N Bev Felmey invited us to lunch at Stop Over restaurant. It was nice to sit and enjoy a delicious meal with friends.
After lunch Pastor Joel and I had some things to talk over so we drove to the beach and sat looking out over the ocean and talked a few things through.
The view from our “office” this morning.
IMG_3868 My loot from the beach.
We discussed several needs. A  young lady is pregnant and the “boyfriend” who got her pregnant isn’t willing to help her. He is not accepting that it might be his even though she moved to Montrouis to be with him. She has no parents and is relying on a friend for help right now. I told Pastor to give her some Manna packs and we will go visit her to get pictures. I would like to sponsor her and show her that Jesus has not abandoned her even if this “boyfriend” has. There’s more to the story, but please pray for this girl.
Another young man asked for help with schooling. He is going to school now and was being helped by a pastor of another church. But the pastor could not help him anymore so he now owes funds to finish school. We will be investigating to see the reason for his funding to be dropped and if it is legitimate we would like to get an education sponsorship for this young man to finish school. Please pray for him to be able to complete his schooling.
While we were sitting talking a man came and asked Pastor Joel for help to have eye surgery. He has cataracts. He had one eye operated on, but now needs the funds to have the other one operated on. He needs $15,000 Ht Haitian dollars the equivalent of $1,112 usd. He was given 5,000Ht or $370usd. He still needs $10,000Ht or $742usd to have the surgery. Please pray for this man to receive the funds he needs to have the surgery he needs.
Lastly, it looks like the house to rent is back in play again. As we were walking from the truck to the church the cousin of the owner of the house, Anderson, stopped Pastor Joel to talk with him. He said the brother was wrong and should not have been involved. Anderson was with us when we had talked through the agreement and he said he should be the one finalizing the agreement. Ugh! I wish they’d make up their mind who is in charge here! Anyway he wants to talk with us after he sets up a generator and pumps water into the tank so he can show us everything works properly. I told Pastor Joel I am not signing any agreement with the Masonic brother. If it is Anderson or Joanna, the wife, I will consider it again.
You know, I woke this morning at 5am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I started praying. I prayed for my daughter, Jen who is very sick. I prayed for the team coming in to Feed My Sheep tomorrow. Then the Masonic man came to mind and I prayed for him. I prayed the enemy’s hold on him would be broken, that his eyes would be open and he would see the truth and be set free. Then the house came to mind and I felt compelled to pray for break through. I began warring in the heavenliness. I prayed that the Lord would break the enemy’s strong hold over the house and release it into the Lord’s hands. I find it interesting that after praying that this morning, that Anderson just happens to be driving by as Pastor Joel and I are walking from the truck to church.
I really feel that the Lord wants me to have that house. It could be a place of rest for those who are weary, a place to come to minister in the name of Jesus to a weary nation. A place of peace and tranquility amidst the chaos of life in Haiti. Please pray with me for this house. Now more than ever I feel this is of the Lord.
After our time on the beach we drove to meet Sammy and a man who does mechanical work. He was in a hurry and looked at our truck’s air conditioning, but it was working at the time so he couldn’t really tell what needed to be fixed.
So we left and went over to visit Madam Julio’s family. I brought her a mosquito net covering for the baby to keep flies and mosquitos off of baby Eliazer. It was nice to sit holding the baby and visiting with them. I enjoyed being able to hold a simple conversation with her without Pastor Joel having to translate! She was impressed at how my Creole is improving. Its not great, but she understood me. Ania dug in my purse and found my phone. She wanted to take pictures so we took a few selfies. She is such a sweetheart.
So that was my day today. It was a blessed day.
IMG_3874IMG_3878IMG_3880Madam Julio really likes the baby covering. Ania wants one too. I wish they made them big enough for her to have one.
Day 24
Pastor Joel and I went to St Marc in search of mattresses and pillows this morning. Pastor Joel found three mattresses…Whoopdy doo! They were not 4″ thick, but 3.5″ and they were $30 each versus $50 each. Pastor Joel made a deal with them to buy more. They are going to get 20 more from Port and will stop in Montrouis to deliver them to him. We will have to get them a little at a time, but eventually we will have what we need. I’m happy with them and the price! I was no where to be seen during the transaction and it made a world of difference in the price.
IMG_3838 Our three little mattresses.
No pillows anywhere. I am going to talk to a lady that sewed some for Feed My Sheep, and ask if she will sew some for me. I won’t need them as big as the ones they got so hopefully she will give me a good price.
Sister Joel was with us and she found some of the medicines we couldn’t find in Port. So she has a good supply of medicines now. 
That took the whole morning and part of the afternoon. We got back for a late lunch and went to test drive a truck for sale. Joel drove it up to Dr Bolte’s clinic to see how it would do on the mountain roads. It did ok as far as going over rough terrain, but then the engine light came on and a check transmission light went on, the air conditioner stopped working, and a few small things were wrong with it. So we decided to pass on it. I don’t need to buy someone else’s problems. I’ll hold out for a new one. My God will supply all my needs.
IMG_3848 Took this for a test drive but it’s not for us.
IMG_3863 My dream truck Toyota Hilux Pray for God’s provision.
Day 23
This morning I said good bye to Marcie BergstromKim Ekdahl GreenfieldCharlotte Renée Rhodes, and Bonnie. This past week was such a pleasure for me! Our two ministries, A Light of Hope and United Hearts Haiti, teamed up together to help the Haitian people in this area. What a joy it was to work with these women! Charlotte and Bonnie were a bonus for us! We shared the pleasure of having them join us as we did ministry together. I will miss them all!
Marcie team
In the afternoon I made another attempt at renting the house I’ve been trying to rent since I got here. The owner, who is in the states, has had me dealing with his “wife” all this time. We came to a good agreement but then a stand still because she was broke and couldn’t quite finish all the projects. Finally we compromised on things and we’re ready to sign an agreement.
Suddenly I discover his wife did not have the authority to sign the agreement. The owner gave his brother the authority. So I am now dealing with a whole different person. We meet, all the compromises are good, we agree to have the owner fax written authority to my husband. Then the brother looks at the agreement I had typed up.
He did not agree with one statement, that should a natural disaster come such as a hurricane, the owner has sole responsibility for damage done to the property. But this is what the wife and I had agreed to. He wanted me to share the cost of repairs. I said no it is not my house. I will not hold him responsible for any damage done to my belongings should a natural disaster occur, but I will not be repairing the house. He didn’t like that and started ranting and raving. Then I saw the ring on his hand. It was a large gold ring with the Masonic symbol on it. I realized he was a mason. At that point I said enough. I told them I was finished, I will not agree to sharing the cost. And I walked away. I will not sign my name to a contract with a Mason.
So that is that. I will start looking for a house again in a couple days. I suspect we will get a call from the wife again. I will tell her I will not sign my name to the agreement with that man. I will sign it with her if he gives her authority. But in the meantime I will continue to look for a house. I really thought that was the one.
Shorty after I got back to Feed My Sheep, Richard arrived with a new motorcycle truck. He got a good deal and it is a nice new machine. God has blessed Feed My Sheep once again! God is so good!
Tomorrow we are going to make another attempt at buying mattresses and pillows for the orphanages. We’re going to the St Marc market day. It should be crazy busy! But we’re hoping to find what we need. Please pray we find good mattresses these poor children need them so badly!
Day 22
Well today was definitely different. You could say it was a very relational day. I was expecting it to be a day of paperwork because I loaned Pastor Joel and our truck to Marcie Bergstrom. They had a goat project to do and needed help getting goats to Kaypiatre. So I planned on staying around and getting some work done. Well I did get some emails sent, but that was it. I had a couple visitors, one being my friend Bettie. She came to pick me up and take me out to lunch. Her driver drove us to this little restaurant that I hadn’t even noticed was there. It was delicious food and very low cost! We enjoyed visiting and catching up. Bettie is 83 and has been ministering here since 1968. She has a wealth of experience and it’s always fun to talk with her. She has lots of interesting stories.
Then when I got back, Guerschom came by to help me fix my phone/computer problem. It turns out it wasn’t my phone that was messed up it was my computer. He had to back up my phone so we had a lot of time to chat. It was nice to sit with him and get to know him a little better.
Then Pastor Joel returned and we went to go talk to the owner of the house that I want to rent again. We are at a stand still right now. She can’t complete the work to be done because she has no more money. I can’t give her any money until the house is done and I can move in. Ugh! We’re both frustrated, I need to pray about what to do. It was late and getting dark when we left.
I made plans to meet my friends, Bruce and Amy Kulfan at Mulin sur mar, a resort in Montroius. They minister on the island of La Gonave but we’re off island for the night because they had friends visiting. Marcie, Kim, Bonnie, Charlotte and the Kulfan’s friends are all leaving tomorrow to go home. We gathered together to enjoy one last time together.
Earlier Charlotte had talked with Pastor Joel and told him she would like to be baptized and asked him if he would baptize her in the ocean. So while we were waiting for our food order we all went down to the beach and prayed over Charlotte. Pastor Joel said it is customary in Haiti to sing a song so we sang “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” Pastor Joel asked me to help him baptize her he needed someone to help bring her back out of the water. So I had the honor and privilege of helping baptize this precious young lady. One thing I will never forget, is while we were standing in the water Pastor Joel told her this is her time to say anything she wanted to Jesus. She didn’t need to say it out loud, just to Him. We stood there as she silently spoke to Him, I looked up at her face and she was glowing like an angel from heaven! That beautiful image will be forever etched in my mind.
I don’t know why God allows me to be a part of such precious experiences, but I am so very grateful!
Charlotte baptism
Day 21
Today was a fun and crazy day! I never thought I’d say that about a day in Port au Prince. Marcie Bergstrom from A Light of Hope ministries borrowed our truck and Pastor Joel to drive to Port to run several errands. I went along to do a few errands myself. I hired two security guards to go along because we were going to the Iron Market in the heart of Port au Prince. It is not a safe area to go but Marcie wanted to buy some Haitian art pieces for a fundraiser she is doing. So we loaded up the truck with 10 people and headed to Port!
This area still shows some of the damage from the earthquake 7 years ago. The Iron Market was very busy and overwhelming at first. But as we got into it more and were haggling for prices it got to  be a lot of fun.  Marcie bought a lot of items so she was very popular. We came away from there with quite a large stash. We left there and drove to a print shop to drop off materials Marcie needed done for her Bible studies. Near by was my wholesale pharmacie where I bought $100 worth of medicines for our nurse to have on hand.
Then we went on a little adventure. Marcie  had some baby clothes she wanted to drop off at Lifeline Ministries where they help pregnant and young mothers. Well we had no phone number and no address, just coordinates on google. I don’t think google maps has been to haiti because it gave us the wrong directions. We ended up in the wrong place. I pulled out my maps on my iPhone and we found their guesthouse. We had to drop the clothes off there because we learned that the ministry house was in Croix des Bouquet, another city over.
After that it was lunch time! We went to Vol restaurant to eat. I went next door and bought three solar powered outdoor lights to use at Pierre Payen orphanage until we can get them a solar power system. Marcie had scheduled to meet up with Beehive ministries who was to deliver furniture she bought for Le Petit Maison guesthouse. They unloaded it off their truck and on to our truck in the parking lot! Now that was something to see! We had an 8foot table, 4 stools, and two Adirondack chairs on the top rack of the truck, 6 people in the back of the truck and 4 people and lots of boxes and bags of goodies in the front cab. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies of Haiti going down he road!  We unloaded the furniture and half the people at the guesthouse. The furniture looks great there! Everyone was happy to have it!
After dark back at Feed My Sheep, I tried out one of the outdoor lights and it is so bright! I am very pleased! I look forward to having them installed at the orphanage.
 Sorry no pictures yet!
Day 20
Today I had the honor of watching the Presidential Inauguration of Haiti’s new president, Jovenal Moise. I watched it on tv with my Haitian friends. They were so happy to finally have a president again!
Pastor Joel and I went to St Marc to see if we could buy mattresses, but no success. Then we stopped by to visit my friends, Kate and Jay Fisher at YWAM St Marc. It was good to see them! Their little ones are growing so fast!
When we got back I sent Joel home for awhile and I took a nap. In the evening we took our master electrician, Guerschom Olivier Charles, to the Piatre orphanage. Their solar system was in need of some work. Guerschom checked the whole system even climbing on the roof! We bought two new batteries and he cleaned up the system and installed them. We were all so excited when the lights came on! Watching Guerschom was like watching a master artist at work. He’s amazing! What I saw as hopeless, he says, “I can make it work.” With limited tools, light and equipment, he did! Thank you Guerschom and thank you Lord for blessing us with Guerschom!
Day 19
Sorry I didn’t post last night, I was exhausted and just couldn’t do it. I had a long, but very good day.
In the morning Pastor Joel Museau and I met with Marcie Bergstrom of A Light of Hope ministries to discuss women’s bible studies. This ministry supplies study materials and Bibles all in Creole, along with training women to lead Bible studies. Pastor Joel brought two ladies with him who are leading studies now. It’s exciting to see how God is bringing His Word to the Haitian women in this area! Please pray the Lord blesses this ministry.
In the afternoon we drove Marcie’s team to the Artbonite valley to visit Tom Braak’s agricultural nursery. He is growing a huge variety of plants. He goes into an area and teaches agriculture then provides plants and seeds and teaches the locals how to grow food in their area. He’s been here for 20 years and has an amazing collection of plants! He gave us a few to take back try to grow ourselves.
On the side Tom makes and sells pizzas. So Marcie bought 4 pizzas and we brought them back with us to eat for dinner. Yum!
Update on my foot: I’m completely healed! I guess the little bit of spine I had left in my foot at some point came out because it is fine now. I had no problem with it all day and there isn’t even a bump anymore. Thanks for the prayers!
Sorry no photos, still having technical difficulties.
Day 18
I’m sorry people. I’m having technical difficulties tonight. I tried to download my photos from my iPhone and the computer doesn’t recognize that I have my phone plugged in. So I tried to post from my phone, but it was taking forever, and now it seems to have completely disappeared. And it was such a good day too!
I have some great pictures to post when my phone or computer decide to cooperate.
In the meantime, I’ll just tell you about my day.
I had a wonderful time at church worshipping with these beautiful people. I took Charlotte and Bonnie, the young ladies we had with us yesterday, with me and they enjoyed the worship and the people too. Then we took the Pierre Payen orphanage children to the beach this afternoon. It was so much fun! We had 26 people in our pickup truck going to the beach! Crazy!! The children really enjoyed the water and played for a good two hours in the water. Then we had fruit punch and cookies before we sent them home. After they left I slipped back into the ocean for a little quiet float time. Unfortunately I floated over an area that was shallower than I realized and when I kicked my feet I kicked a sea urchin. It left me with a gift of one of it’s spines in my foot. Ouch! I got it out, but I think a little bit is still left in my foot. I soaked my foot in the ocean until Pastor Joel returned for us. Then back home I put peroxide on it. It doesn’t hurt right now. Hopefully it will be fine tomorrow. At least it’s in a spot where I can still wear my sandals without it irritating me. I will try to post pictures tomorrow. Bon nwi zenmi mwen.
Day 17
This morning started out tense and stressful. I had planned to leave this morning and visit my friend, Pere Decamp, at the beach and arrange to take some of the orphans to the beach this afternoon. I had one visitor after another needing to talk with me for one reason or another. I had 6 people come talk with me within 2 hours. Most of them needed some help, some were pleasant visits like my sweet Chemen. She brought me some of the work she is doing in her teacher training. She is such a joy! Knowing we are equipping this beautiful woman of God to teach children, who are Haiti’s future, just blesses my soul. 
We finally went to go see Pere Decamp and found that he was not in the country at this time. I was disappointed that I missed seeing him before he left. This also meant we had to change our plans for the orphans.
Pastor Joel and I revamped our plans. We were to pick up a couple young ladies from the US that were visiting various ministries across Haiti. They wanted to visit a few orphanages. So we bought our usual food supplies and took the ladies and the food to Piatre orphanage and played with orphans for a few hours. No matter how stressful my day is, when I get to go play with these sweet children my day is all better. Tomorrow is church and then we play with the Pierre Payen children.
Day 16
What day is this? I forget. Think of the wildest ride in an amusement park and you can imagine the emotional roller coaster ride I was on today. Today was a trip to Port. Now any of you who have experienced a day shopping in Port know this is not a fun adventure to start with. But me in my naivety had high hopes!
GOING UP: Excited! I left here with what I thought was sufficient funds to go place an order for 50 vinyl covered bunk bed mattresses. The drive wasn’t bad, traffic in Bon Repo was horrendous, but we made it to the factory where they make them. Now you would think that you would get a good deal buying 50 mattresses at the factory where they make them. NOT! They wanted $95 usd per vinyl mattress, $50 usd for the cloth ones. SERIOUSLY?!?
SPEEDING DOWN: Disappointed. In St Marc the other day I bought nice regular twin mattresses and boxsprings for $64 a set, and a double bed and box springs for $100, for the house. Why would a simple foam pad covered in vinyl cost $95? That’s insane! I didn’t have that much money so I left without placing an order.
CRUISING ALONG: Confident. We went to go buy medicine for the traveling nurse to have on hand for the children. We go to the pharmacie and pull out the list. The list is incomplete in details like dosage amounts, pills or liquid etc.
STARTING TO CURVE: Hopeful. Ok we can deal with this. We call the nurse and try to get an idea of what she needs. Then we give the list to the clerk to see what they have on hand, which was most of it.
SHARP WHIP TO THE LEFT: Irritated. Then the clerk wants the receipt of the last order we placed. I gave him our purchase code that they gave us when we placed our first order. They had told us we only needed this number the next time we purchased. But he insisted he needed the last receipt. I don’t have that receipt with me. So no medicines were purchased.
CRASHING DOWNWARD: Disappointed. We go to CK Hardware to check prices of solar equipment and buy some things for the house. Half the stuff they didn’t have, or no price on it. We found some of what we want and bought what we could. I wanted a solar lantern for the house and bought the last one in stock. They failed to mention that it was the one on display and was filthy dirty when I opened the box to inspect it before leaving.
ROARING IN A SPIN: Angry! I had already gone through an hour of waiting in line to buy everything. I was so frustrated I didn’t want to go back to return it! They had given me a discount on it so it better work or I am going back in there and they will see my redheaded fury! Nobody should ever have to see that!
GOING BACK UP: Joy! We went to Stop and Go to get some solar stuff for the house and something to snack on and I ran into my friend Bruce Kulfan! It was good to see him! Next stop Help For Haiti to pick up food boxes.
AT THE TOP: Elated! Our shipment had just arrived and we went to pick it up. 50 boxes of Manna Packs, 5400 meals for 100+ children. They may not have new mattresses to sleep on, but they’ll sleep well with full tummies!
SPEEDING DOWNWARD: Scared! We’re heading home trying to get through all the traffic. When this crazy tap tap driver pulled up to the rightside of us, (no it was not a four lane road), and he starts yelling at us. I’m sitting there with this crazy man yelling at us on the right and Pastor Joel yelling back on my left. He rolls down the window and they are just going at it!
I CLOSED MY EYES AND PRAYED: Hoping we made it out alive! Then the guy drives so close to us he scrapes the side of our vehicle! Oh great! Now the guys is going to want us to stop and he’s going to demand money from the “blanc” for damages! Joel said NO, he’s not stopping and just keeps going. Leaving the guy in the dust. (BTW we checked later our truck had no damage)
CRUISING ALONG: Exhausted. We’re finally out of Port and on our way home when the owner of the house calls and says she’s ready for us to see the house. Now understand, she is supposed to finish painting the kitchen, put glass and screening in the kitchen window, put screening in the top part of an outside door, and then show us how all water is working by filling the tank on top and running all the faucets. We stop in Archaie to buy some of my favorite peanut ginger candy. Yummy!
GOING UP: Excited! Could she have gotten it all done? Am I moving in this weekend after all? Foolish me!
CRASHING DOWN: Disappointed and sad. We got there and none of what I mentioned had gotten done. Not only that but only the kitchen sink had running water. In both bathrooms the water didn’t work in the sink, shower or toilet. And the toilets didn’t flush. They were messed up. Plus the water pump they promised to install broke.
COMING TO A HAULT: So over this! We left telling them call us when they have everything done. Joel dropped me off at Feed My Sheep and he went home to unload the food boxes in the container. We will deliver later. It was dark already.
SO GLAD TO BE OFF THE RIDE! I’m sitting here sticky and dirty, covered in Port au Prince dust and exhaust. trying to recover from the wild ride. I need to go take a cold sponge bath and blow the stink off of me. (Warm shower doesn’t exist here) I better sleep good tonight!
IMG_3430  IMG_3433 IMG_3434
Day 15
Nothing fun or exciting happening today, it was all business. I never even left the compound today. Our truck was in for it’s quarterly maintenance and it takes a good part of the day for this. (Don’t ask me why, nothing moves fast in Haiti) So I spent some good time with the Lord praying and then worked on paperwork for awhile. Pastor Joel stopped by and we discussed what positions I will need to hire for my house (security, caretaker etc, all necessary in Haiti) and some recommendations he had for me. We will do some interviewing in the next few days. Then he left for some appointments, so I took a nap. I was having some pain in the left side of my back most of the day.  But I seemed to have slept it off I feel better now. Tomorrow we have plans to go to Port au Prince to check on prices for mattresses for the orphanages and pick up food boxes. Please pray for a safe and successful trip.
Day 14
Today was a slow day. Pastor Joel and I did some planning for next week then went to the container to pick up some items for my friends. We went to visit Madam Julio and baby Eliezar. I had some baby boy clothes that would fit him so we dropped it off and left a doll for Ania. She was still in school. Then we visited the Milot family to see how the boys were doing. We sent them to the doctor and wanted to know how it went. They both have medicine and are recovering well. Robenji did not need an inhaler which was good to hear.
We visited my dear friends, Sammy and Rosie, and their children. We had such a nice visit I forgot to take pictures.
Then we went over to the house I’m renting with Guerschom my electrical expert to go over what I would need to generate a power source. It will cost about $4000 for a generator, 8 batteries, an inverter and wiring. That is not a solar system, just a generator system. A solar system will be more. I will need to build an enclosure to protect it all at the cost of about $500.
In Haiti you usually have to provide your own power and water when you rent a house. I knew this was going to be an expense, but one I know I can not afford right now. I don’t have that kind of money so I will be buying a couple solar lanterns and a small solar inverter for about $200 total, and use that until the Lord provides for a full system.
We haven’t signed the rental agreement yet, because the house is not ready yet. We will be interviewing people for security and caretaker positions tomorrow.
I’d appreciate your prayers for the Lord’s provision for the power and for guidance for hiring people. This is one bonus of renting a house, I am adding to the economy by providing a few jobs to Haitians in need of work.
Day 13
I have some exciting news! I will be renting a house here in Montrouis, Haiti!
A while back God gave me Isaiah 54:2-3 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left;….” I’ve been asking him exactly what He means by this? What does that look like for the ministry? I’ve been watching and waiting on Him. Then He gave me Jeremiah 29:5 &7 “Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce….. Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”
The Lord has been telling me I need to make a commitment to the land. He told me I am no longer a guest or a visitor.
At the same time changes were happening with Feed My Sheep Ministries, the guesthouse where I have been staying for the last 6 years when I come to Haiti. They have now merged with another ministry and have moved to another location. Richard N Bev Felmey are dear friends and have been very loving and generous with me all these years and I was happy to just follow them over to the new place and continue staying with them as I always have done. (As a matter of fact I am here in their home with them now.) But that’s not what the Lord had in mind. He has been pushing me out to stand on my own. I finally relented and started looking for a place to rent in November. Even though the scripture said to “build houses,” there is no way for me to do this right now. I need a Permis de Sejour, which is basically a resident visa. I have not needed this because I do not live in Haiti and am not in country more than 3 months at a time. I will be looking into getting one while I am here this trip and will probably start the process. With the Permis, I am no longer a visitor. In the meantime as I said, I am feeling pushed by the Lord so I am renting a house which is saying “I am committed to this land” as best as I can right now. I don’t know where the Lord will take it from there.
So I found a cute little house to rent in a neighborhood I love. I know and like all my neighbors. I can walk anywhere in the area safely. It’s only a 5 minute walk to Feed My Sheep Ministries. It is the perfect location for me. The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms so I can have small teams stay at the house, but I can still have larger teams stay at Feed My Sheep.
We spent the day finalizing the rental agreement and the owner is finishing up with some painting and a few things that need to be done before I can move in. We hope to have me moved in by this weekend.
I ask that you all please pray for everything to go well and I am able to move in this weekend. I had a generous donor give me the rent, which is paid by the year not month. But there will be other expenses like installing a power source and hiring security and caretakers. Please pray for the Lord to continue to provide all that is needed.
Day 12
This morning Pastor Joel and I went to St Marc to go to the bank and check on prices for pillows and mattresses for the orphanages. We took along his daughter, Tabitha, because she needed to see a specialist for an injury to her finger. We also brought along his nephew, John, as security.
St Marc must have been a beautiful city at some point. When I look at all the old buildings I can imagine how beautiful it must have been.
We dropped Tabitha off at the clinic and then Pastor Joel dropped me and John off at the store while he went to the bank. It’s just safer that way. John doesn’t speak English so I tried to speak a little Creole with him. It went ok, but I think he was a little shy. We had only met once before.
When Joel was finished we picked up Tabitha and went looking for mattresses and pillows for the orphanages. We didn’t find any for them. We will try in Port au Prince another time.
In the afternoon we delivered water to Marie Nicole in Troufobon. We moved Marie Nicole’s family out there because we partnered with Disciple’s Village to find her a place to rent, and it was in the Disciple’s Village area. They do not have a well in the area and Marie Nicole would have to go across the busy main highway to get water. This concerned us so Joel bought her a barrel and some buckets to fill with water. Joel goes once a week to fill her water barrel with fresh water so she will not have to go get water herself.
This was the first time I was along to experience it for myself. Pastor Joel puts two big barrels in his truck along with 8-10 buckets all with lids. Then he drives to another ministry called Life Connection where they run water from their well to help the neighborhood people. They allow Joel to fill all the barrels and buckets. He fills the buckets one or two at a time and pours the water into the barrels, plus he fills all the buckets.
Then we drove out to deliver the water. The barrels stay strapped into the back of the truck and they start unloading the buckets and pour them into Marie Nicole’s barrel. When the buckets are empty they scoop the water out of the barrels to fill them and haul them to her house, until all her buckets and her barrel is full. They also give some water to a few others in the area. Even Marie Nicole helped carry buckets. We brought them at a good time, Marie’s children were all dirty and dusty and she ran out of water to bathe them. 
While they were hauling water, I kept the children occupied and out of the way as much as possible. I just pulled out my phone camera and they were entertained.
Then it was round two! We went back to Life Connection and filled all the buckets and barrels again for Pastor Joel’s family. Up on the hillside where they live there is no water and no way to drill a well.
This is a lot of work and they do this once a week! It was such an experience to watch this process. Sometimes I forget how much work it is to just have water in your home in Haiti. This is not drinkable water. This is for bathing and washing. Drinking water needs to be purchased separately. Although you can boil it to kill the germs, but then you need charcoal for the fire to heat the water. It’s never ending work.

Day 11

WARNING! This post is long! I’ve been sitting here with my computer on my lap contemplating how do I describe my day today? I guess I’m going to have to settle for calling it a roller coaster day again today. This whole trip has become a roller coaster of emotions.
I felt so much joy and love when I worshipped with my Haitian brothers and sisters in church this morning. It was the first time I had opportunity to do so and it was so nice to be welcomed back with open arms.
After church Pastor Joel and I discussed plans for the week while we waited for lunch. We still hadn’t delivered all the food and funds to all the families we sponsor, so after lunch we went to visit them and finish all our deliveries.
I wish everyone of you could go with me. Walking through neighborhoods littered with trash, where a big momma pig lays in the midst of the trash feeding 10 itty bitty babies, and a mother hen is scratching for food with a half dozen baby chicks, while four goats are chasing each other and butting heads. Amongst them are little Haitian children running bare foot and bare butt giggling and playing, yelling, “Blan, blan!” at me when I pass by. Some of them run up and grab my hand, others shyly walk alongside or behind me wanting to be near me but afraid to touch me.
We arrive at a tiny cement block house with a tin roof, Misye Ilfaver lives here with his older sister and brother. He’s in his 80’s, I have no idea how old the others are. They are always so happy to see us. His sister gets up from her seat and offers it to me! I’m telling her No, no and she’s saying Yes, yes! Finally I give in out of respect to her desire to honor me. I’m humbled and blessed.
We hiked up mountains on a full stomach and I can barely make it up while barefoot agile children are hanging on my arms trying to help me along. We get to the top and the family we came to visit is not home. We can’t leave the food so we walk back down and go to the next family, knowing this family will not have full stomachs tonight.


Hiking up another mountain through narrow cactus laden paths we are almost there and we see our sweet widow, Sainthelia. She saw us coming and came down to greet us with big hugs and a beautiful smile. This lady isn’t sponsored yet, but we deliver food to her once a month to help her. She showed us the work she has been doing, she has been busting rock to sell as gravel so she can earn a little money. Pastor Joel said he would buy it from her. He said he needs some anyway so he would like to help her out. I love this man’s heart!
While we’re talking with Sainthelia, her neighbor came out and asked us to help her family. Pastor Joel told me the lady goes to his church. She has 4 children, her last one is 5 months old. She had a stroke 5 years ago and her right side is partially paralyzed. Her husband was put in jail 4 months into her pregnancy and she has been doing everything herself since then. I need to get a sponsor for her. We will return next week to take a picture of the family. We had extra food in the truck so we offered her to come get some. She walked all the way down to get some. She was happy to receive it and kept saying thank you over and over. I watched her walk away back up the trail praying the Lord would provide for her.
Our last two families were Misye Ruben who is now bed ridden due to his degenerative back disease. He has been receiving monthly sponsorship to help him care for his 12yr old daughter. And 70 yr old Andrena Augustin, who is not sponsored yet, but we deliver food to her. She broke her hip many months ago but was too afraid to go to the hospital because she thought they would cut her leg off. She didn’t understand they wanted to repair her hip. She has been laying on the floor on a blanket ever since. She can’t even lay in a bed. To see her laying there half naked, so thin and weak telling us she changed her mind she will go to the hospital now… it broke my heart. I think it’s too late, I’m sure the bone is fused incorrectly and has not healed properly. I suspect there is nothing they can do unless they rebreak her hip. She only has her teenaged son, who has his own issues, taking care of her. UGH! It hurts to even write this! Out of respect to these people I chose not to take photos. If you saw them the way I saw them, your heart would be hurting too. Oh Lord please help these people!
Then Pastor Joel wanted me to see another guest house that might work for my friend Bettie for a couple days and I’m stunned at it’s elaborate beauty! This sits amongst all the poverty. And there are many other houses like this here. The extremes here……
We drove up into another area to see Pastor Joel’s friend’s place he is building and the views are spectacular!
Finally we ended our day with dropping off some money to Mirlande so she can take her boys to the doctor. As I sat in the truck waiting for Joel, because I just couldn’t take another hike up hill, I watched some men from Water 4 Haiti delivering water to the neighborhood. They had big barrels of water on they’re truck and were filling buckets for the people in the area because water is scarce there. It did my heart good to see these Haitians helping their own people. I’m sorry this is so long, but I just had to tell you about my day.
Day 10 What a fun day we had today! Joel and I picked up three ladies at Kaliko that are from a Hautterite community in Canada. They know our friend Bettie Snyder who partners with them on a guesthouse here in Haiti. They know Sam and wanted to go see the orphanages that Sam had helped. We picked them up at 10 am and didn’t return them until 5pm.
They wanted to bring something special for the children so we picked up bread and bananas for all the children at the orphanage then, buried in food, we headed up the mountain to the Piatre orphanage. I had brought some cups, straws and shampoo to have some bubble blowing fun after they were finished eating. When they discovered we used shampoo for the bubbles, they were going over to the water and washing their hair.
PIATRE Orphanage
When we left them, we went back to Montrouis for a refill of bread, bananas, and shampoo. Then we drove through the valley, over the river and did it all over again with the children at the Pierre Payen orphanage. The children got a special treat and had a blast with the bubbles.
The ladies enjoyed the children and seeing the orphanages Sam helped all these years. Then as we were driving back, as a last minute thought, we had a vender who sells Haitian artist’s work come to where we were and let the ladies buy a few things before they return to Canada. We did this on the side of the road, it was so crazy and fun. The ladies said they thoroughly enjoyed their fun adventure!
Day 9 Well today I spent most of the day at Feed My Sheep ministries. Our truck was in repair almost all day again. Pastor Joel and I met with people here. Then we walked around the neighborhood a bit. I love that I can walk just 5 minutes and be at the ocean from here.
We have some good news, Madam Julio had her baby! She had a beautiful baby boy. His name is Eliezer. After the truck was repaired we went over to visit her family. Eliezer’s big sister Ania is blossoming and becoming such a sweet child. She really loves her baby brother too. Can you spot the photo bomb?
Tomorrow we take a few friends of Bettie’s to visit the orphanages. If the truck keeps running! Please pray for a new truck for us. This one has had it! It’s been an old faithful friend to Sam and I but it is time to put it out to pasture!
Day 8 Well today was definitely different! Pastor Joel, Roosevelt and I went to the 5th Annual Buy Haitian, Restore Haiti conference. It was held at the Karibe Hotel in Petionville. I want to buy more Haitian product, but the real reason I went was because I have been looking for ideas on how to help the older orphan children and the parents of the sponsor families earn a living. Pastor Joel has a passion to start a trade school and we already have the Tools for the Trade program. But I wanted to find out how to help them either start their own business or find employment in Haiti. I wasn’t sure if I would find that there, but I felt we really needed to go. I took Roosevelt along because, even though he is now a lawyer, he has a passion for restoring Haiti through reforestation. All three of us came away from the conference pleased with what we heard and learned. I have some connections now that I can pursue too. Along with good speakers there were booths of Haitian businesses and NGOs offering information and selling some of their product. I came away with a nice little stash of goodies, all Haitian produced! It was a long day, we left at 6:30am and got home at 8pm, but it was well worth it. We will probably go again next year.
Day 7 Today was all about solar power! We borrowed Chuck Young our US expert on solar from Alex’s House Orphanage, and grabbed Guerschom Olivier Charles our Haiti solar expert and took them to Pierre Payen orphanage to discuss putting in solar for the orphanage. They have NO electricity right now. The place isn’t even wired for electricity. It has become unsafe for the children to go out to the bathroom in the dark as there has been strangers wandering around there. So we want to light up their world! I asked Chuck to give advise on usage, and Guerschom had already been there once and had written up a very well done detailed list of everything we would need to put in a system that would give them all the power they need. My knees went weak when they told me a rough guess at how much it could cost! But we have a generous God and He can give us anything he wants. This is the beginning stages and I’m not sure when the system will be in. When we price the panels and other things, I will share that cost with you, if you would like to help them have power. There is a good chance the team coming in February will be installing some of the wiring.
While men talked electrical stuff I didn’t understand, I slipped away for a bit and enjoyed talking with the children in the little school at the orphanage. I got to use my limited Creole to have a simple conversation with them!
IMG_3047 IMG_3047 IMG_3045 IMG_3044 IMG_3043
Jesmy, one of the boys at the orphanage, can play drums well, but he had been playing with carved pieces of a tree branch for sticks. I had promised him I would bring some real drum sticks next time I came. So he was very happy to see I remembered and went to work playing right away! 
After we returned Chuck to Alex’s house, Pastor Joel Museau and I went to visit my dear friend Bettie Snyder. We also had the pleasure of meeting some of the people who own the beautiful place Bettie is managing. We made a plan to take some of the ladies to visit the Piatre and Pierre Payen orphanages on Saturday. Bettie and I spent a good long time talking and catching up. Bettie is in her 80’s and has been a missionary in Haiti since 1968. I love to hear her stories!
For those of you who don’t know, I am staying with Feed My Sheep Ministries here in Montrouis. They have merged with House of Bread ministries and Richard N Bev Felmey live at the top of a huge three story building. The stairs give me a thorough cardio work out and my legs are burning by the time I hit that last top step. I must take those stairs at least 5-6 times a day because I can’t seem to remember to take everything I need down the stairs. Or I realize I need something upstairs when I am downstairs. Well, you can’t say I’m not getting my exercise here!
IMG_3042 IMG_3041
Tomorrow we will be in Petionville all day at a conference on creating jobs for Haitians. It looks promising!
Day 6
This trip is becoming like a roller coaster ride, up and down and all around! This morning the truck had to be repaired…again! The starter was going. So I spent the morning praying. Which was good, I had plenty to pray about!
Pastor Joel came by after leaving the truck with the mechanic so we discussed different things.
On the up side, we met with a young man, Edisson, who has been trying to finish his schooling so we can get him into college. The last year of “high school” here, called Phylo, is a special very difficult year. The exam is difficult to pass. Edisson was unable to pass so he has to repeat the grade. But what I was happy to hear is that it is not just “do it again,” but he is in a special class where they help the students who are repeating the grade to study and learn the parts they did not learn well the first time. This class is held in the late afternoon evenings so he is able to work during the day. He expressed an interest in plumbing so we were able to get him into a sort of apprentice type job. He is working with a plumber for free and the plumber is training him for free. Edisson is doing very well in both. He is one of the ups of the day!
On the down side, I had to let go one of my employees today. He has been very irresponsible and not showing up for work or very late. I had given him many chances, but I felt I could no longer work with him. I love and care for him and want to continue a relationship with him, I just can’t work with him. That was very sad and difficult for me to do.
On the up side I met with another young man, Rayneau, who’s family in the south had their home destroyed from the hurricane in September. We were able to raise some money to help his family to rebuild a small home for them. It’s always nice to be able to give out funds to help someone in need. He also gave me a name of the pastor in the area so when we are able to go back again we can contact him and bring food and clothing to distribute to the community there.
On the downside, because it took so long to fix the truck, we were not able to get the little boy with asthma to the doctor yet. Please pray we are able to get him there tomorrow.
I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to post. I didn’t take a single photo today. Tomorrow we go to the Pierre Payen orphanage to evaluate what it will take to install a simple solar system so they have some power. I promise to take pictures!
Day 5 Today was a bittersweet day. This morning Pastor Joel and I prepared all the sponsorship envelopes and food bags to be delivered to the sponsor families. Then after lunch we went around all afternoon and into the evening visiting families and delivering the food and funds. This is always a blessing even though we are hiking all over the place. Seeing the families’ progress every time I come is so rewarding. They usually look healthier and happier just because they are able to eat every day. It’s always a joy to visit with them.
But some families are not doing so well. I couldn’t take a picture of the Milot family because it was dark by the time we got to their place. Both of the boys are sick. One has asthma very bad and can’t breath at night, the other has an obstructed bowel. We are going to try to get them to the doctor for treatment.
Our last stop for the night was Madam Antoine. She is working for someone who has not paid her for over a year. I asked, if I can rent her a new place farther away and get her a job that will actually pay her regularly, would she leave? She said no, she’s afraid of what he would do to her. She is afraid to leave the employer for fear that he will curse her or her family and they will get sick or die. This is an example of how voodoo can cause ignorant people to be fearful. It doesn’t mean anyone is doing voodoo. Just hearing some one curse someone else causes such fear and it is attributed to the power of voodoo. Our God is so much more powerful than any curse. Even though we tried to explain the power in the blood of Jesus to her, she is ignorant and fearful. I can do nothing to convince her and this breaks my heart. She is in bondage to this person. In a case like this I feel so helpless. I have to put her in the hands of Jesus and pray for Him to open her eyes. Please pray for healing of the Milot boys and please pray for Madam Antoine to be set free from her fears and the bondage.
Day 4  Sunday
Today is the Lord’s day, a day of rest. I had plans to go to a special celebration at a friend’s church this morning, but those plans did not work out. So I stayed at Feed My Sheep and did my own worship and prayer. Then I went with Richard N Bev Felmey to have lunch at Stop Over restaurant and then went with them to the missionary meeting in the afternoon. It was very nice to spend time with other missionaries that have the same heart for the Haitian people. I enjoyed my time with them. Tomorrow I will be visiting the sponsored families to see how they are doing.
Day 3
Another day of talking business! Pastor Joel and I talked with different people who came to ask for assistance of one sort or another, from helping build a house to apprenticeship fees. We discussed our young adults who we are trying to help complete school. We have a few who have gone wayward and we may have to stop assisting. This always hurts, but I haven’t found a good solution to the problem. At 17-18 yrs old they know all and will not listen to reason. I had one young lady leave the home of the family that took her in at a desperate time. Just because she did not want to follow their rules. She just left and never came back. Their rules were not unreasonable. They are normal family household rules.
We went to go see my translator, Titi’s, house he is building. He has a good foundation and some block up already, but has a long way to go yet. We need $2500 to help him finish at least one room with a roof so his family can have a permanent place to live. His rent is due and he would like to get the one room place done rather than pay rent another year.
IMG_3009  IMG_3012
Then we bought food and laundry supplies for Piatre orphanage and delivered it this afternoon. The children were having their Saturday devotion and bible study with Freide. He has been dedicated to going every Saturday to teach the children for a long time. He makes it fun for the children to learn God’s word.
IMG_3018 IMG_3019
IMG_3016 IMG_3017
We inspected the new paint job on the place. We were able to have it painted just after Christmas and it looks great! It does make the children’s beds look pretty shabby though. I have the new sheet sets coming with the team, but when I looked at the beds, these children need new mattresses! A new mattress for one child is $45. We have 29 mattresses to replace. If you would like to help us build a home for Titi, or replace a mattress for an orphan, you can make a donation by mail to PO Box 98, Avalon, CA 90704, or online DONATE HERE
Day 2
My first day back in Haiti is always a day of talking through all that has happened since I was here last. Some good news and some sad news. You do your best with every situation, but ultimately it’s up to the individuals to make the right decisions. One sad bit of news, I learned that one of the older boys from the Piatre orphanage has left, and not on good terms. I will be talking this through with the pastor and the young man.
One good news I can share, I have been told that a generous donor wants to help get a solar system put in at Pierre Payen orphanage! That was the big project I was wanting to see if we could get done while I was here this trip! I hadn’t said anything to this person about it yet. I was going to get experts to take a look at the orphanage and give me an estimate on what we need and approximate cost. God is way ahead of me on this!! I’m so excited because this is definitely of the Lord! He put it on both of our hearts and we hadn’t spoken about it to each other! That’s our GOD!
I’m staying at Feed My Sheep Ministries new headquarters. The compound they are now running is large and it has a school connected to it. We sat and enjoyed watching the children line up for school, sing their national anthem AND PRAY before they went in to their classrooms.
Their unit is up three flights of stairs and I’m getting a good cardio workout but my legs burn by the time I get to the top. There is a nice breeze that flows through their place all day long. The weather has been so nice and cool here too. So cool in fact that I was cold sleeping last night! I don’t recall ever being that “cold” in Haiti! Bev gave me a blanket if I get cold tonight.
Day 1 of 2017 Haiti Trip Adventures.
And the 2017 Haiti adventures begin! I was given a nice donation to buy sheet sets for every child in both orphanages! With the help of my sweet, fun and adventurous friends, Carol Jaeger and Terri Krehbiel, I was able to buy 46 twin sets plus two queen sets for the Pastors too! Terri’s Toyota Corrola was jam packed with luggage and sheets! We had a sheet packing party to remove all the extra cardboard and then pack them into suitcases. Then they drove through the rain to take me to the airport. Oh and I got my hair cut too! Now I sit and wait for my flight to Florida then to Port au Prince, Haiti. This will be a long stay this time, 6 weeks. There is so much I am hoping to accomplish. A team of 6 led by my husband, Scott Schmeckpeper, will be joining me for the last part of this trip. We would all appreciate your prayers. I will keep you posted as the adventure progresses.
IMG_2966 IMG_2971IMG_2973 IMG_2974